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At WebMagnet, we are your local SEO architects, dedicated to amplifying your presence in the regional digital landscape.

⦁ Local / Regional Focus
⦁ Keyword Research (200-500 Keywords )
150 Monthly Targeted Backlinks
⦁ On-page optimization
⦁ Google My Business Optimization
10 GMB posts
⦁ Facebook Optimization
⦁ Instagram Optimization
⦁ Analytics Setup & Configuration
⦁ On-page optimization
⦁ Monthly Strategy Discussion Call
⦁ Title Tag & Meta Tag Creation
⦁ Internal Link Building (Crosslinking)
⦁ Content Editing & Optimization
⦁ Monthly Custom Report
⦁ Optimized images
⦁ Citation Submission
⦁ Advanced On-Site / Code Optimization
⦁ Offsite Link Building
⦁ Conversion Optimization
⦁ AB / Variation Testing
⦁ Heat Map / Usability Reports

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Monthly Local Off Page SEO | Enterprise

Our comprehensive suite of services is meticulously designed to not just enhance your visibility but to drive meaningful engagements that resonate with your local audience.

WebMagnet Local SEO Services: Elevating Your Local Visibility

Our comprehensive suite of services is meticulously designed to not just enhance your visibility but to drive meaningful engagements that resonate with your local audience.

Local/Regional Focus
Tailoring our strategies to resonate with your local audience, we amplify your presence in the community, ensuring your business is a local favorite.

Keyword Research (200-500 Keywords)
A meticulous selection of relevant keywords ensures that your content aligns perfectly with the local search intent.

On-Page Optimization
Crafting a seamless on-page experience that aligns with search engine algorithms and local user expectations.

Monthly Targeted Backlinks (150)
Building a network of quality backlinks to enhance your local authority and credibility.

Google My Business Optimization
Elevating your Google My Business profile to ensure you are prominently featured in local searches and maps.

10 GMB Monthly Posts
Keeping your audience engaged, we regularly update your Google My Business profile with informative and engaging posts that reflect your brand’s vitality.

Facebook Optimization
Harnessing the power of social media, we optimize your Facebook presence to complement your local SEO efforts, creating a cohesive digital brand image.

AB / Variation Testing
Implementing testing strategies to refine and optimize our approach based on real-time data and user behavior.

Analytics Setup & Configuration
mplementing robust analytics to measure and analyze the impact of our strategies, ensuring continuous optimization.

Monthly Strategy Discussion
Collaboration is key. We engage in monthly strategy discussions to align our efforts with your evolving business goals and address emerging opportunities.

Title Tag & Meta Tag Creation
Crafting compelling title and meta tags that not only boost search engine visibility but also entice clicks from your local audience.

Internal Link Building (Crosslinking)
Enhancing site navigation and user experience, we strategically implement internal link building to connect relevant content within your website.

Content Editing & Optimization
Our content experts refine and optimize existing content, ensuring it aligns with local intent and speaks directly to your target audience.

Optimized Images
Visual appeal matters. We optimize images across your digital presence for faster loading times and enhanced user engagement.

Citation Submission
Solidifying your local presence, we submit accurate and consistent business information across online directories, strengthening your local SEO foundation.

Conversion Optimization
Fine-tuning your digital presence to convert local traffic into meaningful actions, be it a store visit or an inquiry.

Monthly Custom Reports
Transparent and insightful reporting to keep you informed about the impact of our local SEO efforts.

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